Digital Enterprise

Integrated Digital Organisation with Customer Focus in mind is key to success in rapidly changing business landscape. By  designing Customer Centric front-end solutions, building automation & orchestration platforms and integrating cloud & on-premise applications, organisations can deliver exponential value, profitability and growth.

Our Services

NeosAlpha is an niche IT Consulting and Services company with focus on delivering accelerated value on Digital Programs with its expertise on selected technology, platforms and agile delivery model.

Latest Thinking

Technology, Ideas and our Future.

Here we share some thought provoking ideas, experience and viewpoints which we believe are very relevant to our times and theme of digital transformation. We would be happy to hear your comments and feedback on these.

Role of Enterprise Integration in Digital Transformation
Role of Enterprise Integration in Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation has quickly become ubiquitous in the world of business. Digital is impacting the…
APIs: New Frontiers for Innovation
APIs: New Frontiers for Innovation
Until few years back, creating economic value proposition was mostly about integrated horizontal or vertical…

Our Company

NeosAlpha is an independent IT consulting and services company. We excel in creating Enterprise Integration and Digital Platforms with focus on low-code approach . Our experts have decades of experience in consulting and delivering emerging technologies based solutions in UK & Continental Europe. In addition to expertise we offer, our services and customer satisfaction are paramount to what we do.

Our Partners

With our focus on providing selected technology & platform expertise, we have partnered with industry leading Low-Code Digital Rapid Application Development (RAD) and iPaaS (integration platform as a service) vendors to deliver best in class consulting and implementation services to our clients.